Friday, January 30, 2009

Chattin' with Soul Glow Activatur

I had the opportunity to chat with Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5 during the noon hour today. We learned that Australia has lots of animals that can kill you, New Zealanders talk fast, and FF5 is going to start work on a "ghetto krunk Christmas album" soon! Click here for the interview audio.

The guys are in town for the Texas YCE Winterfest Conference, and they'll be performing tonite around 6pm at Arlington Convention Center if you're interested in catching the craziness that is Family Force 5. If you've never seen this band live, I highly recommend it... you may never be there same.

Oh, and we also talked about Twitter. You can catch the guys' individual Twitter feeds on their MySpace page. And don't forget to follow Power FM while you're at it!

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pei Wei

Hey guys! Rachel here!

On Thursday night, I was invited to go to a special media-only presentation of Pei Wei's newest entree Thai Mango Chicken that will debut in its restaurants Monday, February 2nd.

It is described as a "light and flavorful dish that combines chicken, fresh mango, red bell peppers, spiced cashews, and Thai basil wok-seared and fresh-to-order in a tangy and tropical mango sauce topped with lime and cilantro". Doesn't your mouth start to water after reading that? =D

As soon as we got to the reserved table, we were met with big smiles and handshakes and personally greeted by Pei Wei's Director of Culinary Operations, Chef Eric Justice, straight out of their Arizona corporate offices. He certainly does his research before creating any dish, because he traveled to Thailand where he was "inspired by all the fresh fruits and chilies in the local markets."

They are pushing this new dish because it is their first to include fruit. (This was my first time to ever eat mango, by the way.)

Before the main course, we received appetizers, and between the delicious crab wontons, the always amazing lettuce wraps that they cut by hand daily, and the yummy spring rolls with peanut sauce, we nearly filled up before the real meal ever began!

Before the main dish was served, we were informed we would receive it in two different ways; "stock velvet" and fried. Stock velvet is a way that you can choose ANY dish in the restaurant to be served. It means they will just steam your protein of choice (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc) in vegetable stock instead of frying it in oil. This not only makes your meal healthier, but also brings out a bit more of the flavor. The table was split about half way over who liked the stock velvet or fried version more. While I certainly enjoyed the fried version of the new Thai Mango Chicken, I did prefer it the "stock velvet" way.

It was also suggested to us to try a few bites, and then squeeze the included lime wedge over the dish to see what other flavors it brought out. I felt very cultured at that point, but there was more to come! Not only were we to taste and see the difference between the two ways you can order it, we were also served a more salty, soy-based dish called Mongolian Beef. Once you took a bite of that, it did in fact make you realize just how many flavors were in the Thai chicken dish. However, the Mongolian beef almost stole the show for me. I'll be ordering that the next time I go to Pei Wei. :)

Not only can you specify if your dish will be stock velvet or fried, you can also customize it in almost any way that pleases you. Spicy, mild, any protein you choose, brown rice, white rice, more sauce, less sauce, veggies, no veggies. They are very pleased to say that their menu is highly customizable. So next time you go, don't be afraid to tell them exactly what you want. They will be happy to make it just as you request.

Another thing to note is that I'm usually very picky about peppers and fruits, and well, a whole lot of foods, but the Thai Mango Chicken was delicious. The only drawback I noticed was the fact that when it comes to spicy foods, I am a WIMP. I have had waitresses laugh at me over how hot I thought things were. So, wimps take note: Pei Wei's new entree is a hot one. I was reaching for my water many times. However, I seemed to be the ONLY person at the table who thought that way. So, if you happen to be one of the those so-called "normal" people, you should have no problem enjoying this dish to its fullest.

Thank you again to Pei Wei and Chef Eric! I already loved your restaurant, and you have made my love grow exponentially!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random updates from Drue

I just got back from Park City, Utah. I was there for some skiing and to hang with some friends, and catch some of the madness from the Sundance Film Festival. Wow, that festival is so wacky, celebrities walking around, lavish and lush parties and paparazzi all over the place. I did not see any screenings or go to any parties, I just ate good food, and did some shredding on skis.

I always let too much time get in between my random blogs where I just let it all out!!! There has been way way too much happen recently, so I have to drop some knowledge and science!! If you are looking to get the inside pooper-scooper on Spin180, DJ Drue, Eimi Hall, and all things awesome in the Christian Rock universe, well get a cup of Jo, sit back and buckle in, HERE IT COMES!

First, lets talk about the Spin 180 radio show and the Live music night 'Live in the Spin Lounge'. Recently, Seekers and I got together and talked about some of the things that have worked and have NOT worked for them. Well, due to the recent construction in front of the building and economic pressures they have had to cut but on the operating hours. Let me assure you that 'Live in the Spin Lounge' will continue on Tuesdays, and we have added something extra! Since, the success of night and the massive amounts of submissions I am getting, Seekers is going to host right before we rock the spot with spin180 an open-mic/karaoke! Starting January 27th @ 6:00p, if you want to sing or perform then head to Seekers and get signed up! Live in the Spin Lounge will still start at 8p, and we will feature -2- acoustic performances from KILLER Spin 180 artists! If you are old, or tired or just lame, no worries, its all over by 10:00p, so you can get home and have a warm glass of milk and get your binky and go to bed! That's right, the Spin Lounge is for everyone!!! Hit me up if you have any questions, but otherwise we will see you on Tuesday nights at Seekers Coffee House in Hurst, Tx. For Live in the Spin Lounge. This Tuesday January 27th we have the punk rock outfit; 'thirtyseven' and a solo performance from of local metal band 'Intrust' frontman Chris Hodges. ALSO in the Spin 180 music news, we are adding a SECOND night of 'Live in the Spin Lounge'. Starting in February, Thursdays at the Mosiac Coffee Shop inside Irving Bible Church. Everything will be the same, just an added night and location. So, for those who can't bear to miss American Idol or have to wash you cat on Tuesdays, now we have a 'Live in the Spin Lounge' on Thursday nights as well!! Thursday February 5th @ 8:00pm we have acoustic performances from; 'calmdowncasey, & my heart's cry'. Again, that is in addition to Tuesdays at Seekers and its at Mosiac Coffee Shop in Irving Bible Church. Check my myspace page or the Spin 180 myspace page for the updated calendar!!

In 2002 I bought a second technics SL1200 turntable. That is the Gibson guitars or Ferrari of turntables. I have been working at becoming a turntablist ever since. I have dj'ed shows in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Houston, and at Cornerstone Festival. One of the things that led me to dj'ing was putting to use my massive music collection. I have some touring with Manafest coming up this Spring, and several wedding and party gigs already booked, but with all of that I do have some select openings and if you need a DJ, or you have friends who are having a prom, or graduation party, LET ME KNOW. First come, first serve! Coming this summer 2009, will be my first 'artist' track, it will be available on all digital sources(*itunes, amazon, & cdbaby), so heads up!

There is a female singer/songwriter in the Dallas-area named; Eimi Hall. If you have ever heard her music or seen her live you know how talented and beautiful she is. I knew that as well, so I married her almost 4 months ago. She has some NEW material she has been working on and she has some pretty awesome gigs coming up. She will be 'Live in Spin Lounge' on February 24th with a band from Minneapolis, Mn. called;'Lazy Jake' and playing at the House of Blues Pontiac Garage on Friday February 13th with 'The Early Republic' & 'Mothers Anthem'. You can get your tickets in advance from:

So there are already some mind boggling and amazing shows posted on the 89.7 PowerFM bulletin board, listed in the Dallas Observer, and scheduled at some of the local venues. If you don't keep up with the new release schedule, already we have new albums coming in the next few months from; Demon Hunter, Red, Kari Jobe, Decyfer Down, August Burns Red, U2, Falling Up, Mxpx, FM Static, Everyday Sunday, Mat Kearney, Mutemath and some great local bands have new material and shows all the time . CAN I stress enough, please support the Christian music industry goto Record Stores like: Good Records, CD Warehouse, Bill's, Forever Young, Mardel's and buy music. Take flyers, show posters, stickers, or d/l cards for your own shows and projects when you do crash these Dallas music spots. Or goto 'lifestyle' type stores; Zumies, Esienberg's, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters, and let them know about your bands music or concerts coming to town, everyone likes free stuff. I believe that when we use MUSIC as the ministry and let the people come as they are, then God will use the message or the people involved to plant a seed. I think that when we stretch our hands towards the sky using our voices and instruments to praise Him, then that allows us to reach out with love to those that need it. When we break the ice and get to know those 'new' people or try to connect Biblically on a deeper level, that allows us to be used a vessel to reach into peoples live and make a real difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and know that I wish you ultimate peace and blessings on your heart, life and family.

Mad respects,
-Drue K. Mitchell-

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coffeehouse Theology by Ed Cyzewski

Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life
by Ed Cyzewski

It took me a while to get through this book. Not because it's long...or boring...or anything like that, mostly because I started it before the holidays when things tend to pick up and get all crazy-like. And this is a book that, at least for me, required undivided attention to fully grasp. I am not an intellectual, personally, I don't even like big words...and theology was always one of those big words I avoided. Not having grown up in a church or having had a single seminary class, I kind of always left the "theology" alone. I felt like I had no place really discussing theology. But, after reading just a chapter or two of Ed's book made me realize that theology is simple. And the more I read, the more confident I felt that I could hold up my end of the conversation if I had to (or...if I wanted to!).

I originally wanted to read this book because I had had a string of conversations regarding "truth." We mulled over how 'your truth may not be the same as my truth' so what is true and how do we know? It goes right along with all of the post-modern, "emergent church" stuff going on lately. Is truth relative? Is there such thing as a truth anymore? Is it ok for your truth and my truth to be different? Well, this book hits that nail right on the head, discussing how we figure what truth is really true. And yes, my friends, there is an absolute truth in Jesus Christ!

Ed looks at the hazards of post-modern thought and how relative truth is dangerous. He also talks about how we tend to read the Bible in relation to our own life experiences. This is something I've talked about with people in great length. I interpret the Bible this way because this is my experience and what I've seen, while you understand it that way because that's what you've seen or done, and now we have two different views on this one Scripture. So which is right? There's no easy answer, but through theology... answers can be attained! Ed goes through the steps you'll need to take to fully grasp how theology works. It's a blending of studying the scriptures and taking your experiences along with others' experiences and sifting through it until there's a common denominator and going from there. Ed does a fantastic job of explaining the process, giving suggestions and opening your eyes to new references that can be used to get to the bottom of things, to fully flesh out the meaning of it all (at least to the extent that we, as humans, can).

This is a great read for anyone who isn't sure they're capable of taking on something as "heady" as theology, because with Ed's help, you'll realize that you can. You can find out more about Ed Cyzewski through his blog here.

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!

Pray for President-Elect Obama

Today's the day! Let's pray for our new President, Barack Obama! Despite your political leanings, it's important to cover our leaders in prayer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wanna buy a goat? I did!

In December we once again partnered with Gospel for Asia to make our listeners aware of their Christmas campaign. I am so proud of the response from Power FM listeners this year. Here are the results of Christmas gifts purchased from our listeners:

19 chickens
18 goats
14 bio sand water filters
11 child hope packets
8 sewing machines
And one generous giver gave a water buffalo

For a total of 71 gifts with a value of $4,461. I think that is what Christmas is about, sharing what God has blessed us with to share Jesus with others all around the world. Power FM listeners, YOU ROCK!

God bless and more power to you!
Eddie Alcaraz

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday at Theater 7 in Plano

The Powermobile was out and about on Saturday at Theater 7 in Plano to see Deas Vail and more!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Few Days Late, But Here is the BEST of 2008:

In order here are my picks and the reasons why, for the top 10 albums released in 2008.

Out of the hundreds of records that came out from January 1st, 2008 to December 31st 2008, I can say I did not get to review them all, but I feel like a made a pretty good dent and therefore offer my opinion on which one's where extra special and came to be some of the best of the year. It was hard to narrow down to just 10, I wanted to do 20, but I feel like the list is more exclusive and its easier to hear something from just 10 different cd's then 20. I finally want to say that since '02 when I started listening to Christian music, the game has completely changed. I don't listen to Christian music exclusively but its getting easier and easier to do that, being there are more really good, and really quality Christian musicians making music of all styles. I support Christian music with all my heart, infact I have dedicated my life to helping people understand and learn more about these artists. Why? Because I can testify to the fact that this music changes peoples lives, and that is because God speaks through the music.

Here are the top 10 cd's that changed my 2008 for the better:
10. LeCrae - Rebel
> I'm a hip/hop turntablist. I dj live events, concerts, parties, clubs, & even opened for rock bands (*like capital lights, & after edmund) So, I know about dj'ing and what its like to stand up face to face with a crowd and drop a track and have them really feel it. This new cd from LeCrae takes hardcore street hip/hop, and blends it with bold in your face lyrics about the Kingdom. Everytime I play it, people come up and ask,"dang, that is hot! who is that???"

9. The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord
> Dude, I listen to this cd in comparrison to the last full length album they released, and I wondered,"what have they been doing up there in Seattle?!!" They have taken like styles of rock, emo, grunge, and pop and blended them together on this Tooth & Nail release. I really like the more rockin tracks, like: 'abracadavers' & 'gravediggin'. This cd jams!!

8. The Justin Cofield Band - The Days of Love & King of Glory E.P.
> This actually -2- releases from the same Spin 180 artist. The first is the full length album, 'The Days of Love'. I can't tell you how quality and special this entire cd is start to finish. Its full of tasty licks, good lyrics, and even some instrumentals. The second is a short worship E.P. the band released after the new album(*in the same year). This E.P. is all covers and will make you love God more through music & wonder how a band like this is not signed.

7. Demon Hunter - 45 Days
> Interesting that I actually was not excited about this cd, I loved the studio album 'The Tryptich' so very very much. I bought copies for some of my metal friends who don't even listen to Christian music and they liked it! But, I was slow to rock this record, I guess I didn't think it could hold up, wow, was I mistaken. This live DVD captures the craziness that this band has sparked in its fans, and just how hard these guys work at what they do. My favorite Demon Hunter moment this year was when I was interviewing Brian 'Head' Welch on PowerFM and he said,"Demon Hunter, those guys scared me!" The music cd is a display of the otherside of this band, its a melodic mellow almost symphonic cd of original music.

6. Hillsong United - The I Heart Revolution
> I go to Fellowship Church and we sing Hillsong music all-the-time! Actually, I thought I would find myself rollin my eyes, but this is a live double cd, its like a greatest hits of some of the most powerful modern worship. I really recomend this cd, the general media have such a warped view about church music, I love the fact that this cd rocks, and captures thousands of people from shows all over the globe lifting their hands high to worship God in song and praise.

5. Braille - The IV
> The IV was released and it saw national press coverage in genral market magazines like; The Source. I listened to this album over and over, and everytime heard something new in his rhymes, and new elements in the tight tight production. When Braille was here on tour in support of this record, he played at the IGNITE youth center where I dj at on a weekly basis. I was climbing down from behind my turntables when he was about to go on, and Braille looked at me and said,"Where you going dj? You gonna rock this show with me or what?" So, it was pretty awesome to kill it with Braille, I am by no means anywhere near Rob Swift(*the dj on the record), but that expirence I will keep forever. Props to my man Luke Huch for hookin it up @ IGNITE every week!

4. Brian "Head" Welch - Save Me From Myself
> Read the book before you listen to the album. I have seen Korn somewhere between 8 or 9 times. When Brian made the announcement he had accepted Christ it was a real special moment for me in my walk, since Korn had been such a big part of my darker days. The album same title as the book sounds more like old school real Korn, then Korn has sounded like Korn on their last 3 records. The message in the music is so very very powerful and I believe that this man will touch many lives with his powerful story and music. Also, in 2008, I got to sit down and interview Brian live on my show, he is a really cool dude, and it was a dream come true to get to meet him and talk with him live on PowerFM.

3. The Listening - Transmissions I
> Many moons ago they were called, The Rock N' Roll Worship Circus, but now they have come into a new name, new sound, and new direction. This short little E.P. can only be aquired from the band, or at their live shows. They are on the same label as MuteMath and have a full length cd coming in '09 called, "LMNOP". The music is above and beyond anything I could have imagined that this band would drop. The new material from these guys really doesn't sound like anything else in the universe of Christian music. They are true originators, and will leave a lasting mark on our genre for being so creative and different.

2. Thrice - The Alchemy Index Volumes 3 & 4
> The second set of E.P.'s from Thrice that shook me down to my core. The single "Come All You Weary" is extremely powerful lyrically, and I love how this record is a hybrid of gospel, hardcore, and americana. If you are looking for typical 4/4 rock songs with sing-a-long chorus' this is not the record for you. But, I promise if you sitdown with a hot cup of tea and let these songs breathe life into you and take you to a new place for what I think 'might' be classified as punk rock music. I have moved this band into my top 10 favorite artists of all time because of what they have done over the last 5-6 years. Lead singer Dustin Kensrue is very creative and interesting fellow. This cd is totally awesome and everytime I look at it or think about it, makes me want to put it on and get lost in it.

1. Manafest - Citizen Activ
> Ok, ok, ok, almost everyone knows I am a member of Manafest's band. So, yes, I am a little biased, but come on, you know this cd is so awesome!!! Funny story, I really fell in love with a couple of the tracks when we were playing them like over and over on one of the tours we did in '08. My good friend Manafest(*Chris Greenwood), has shown me some powerful things about my faith and myself through the music and performing together. This album is about "doing" not just talking, or thinking about it. Me even getting to play with him is God making one of my dreams come true. Tracks like; 'Good Day', 'Free', & 'Live On', go right alone with something Chris talked about in his set, asking the audience, "If you could do anything for God, and you knew you were not going to fail, what would you do?"


Monday, January 5, 2009

First Blog of 2009!

Well, Happy 2009 everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year holiday! I took some vacation time to just be home with my family and it was nice. We, of course, were all sick the entire week between Christmas and New Years and I completely lost my voice for three days...but that's just the way it goes with our luck. Besides laying around being lazy, we did manage to get out and have some fun. We went down to Dublin, Texas for the day and spent some time at the Dr Pepper Museum. We took the tour and practically bought out the gift shop. What can I say? We like our Dr Pepper! The rest of the time we watched a lot of movies, ate a lot of great food and just hung out with each other. Can't beat that!

It's good to be back to work, though. I miss my Power FM peeps when I'm away.

What did you do during your holiday/vacation? Got any interesting New Years Resolutions you'd like to share?

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)