Friday, November 21, 2008

I just laughed so hard it hurt...I'm serious.

So, I was going to to look up some info on their Home For the Holiday concert coming up in Greenville. But I got distracted (yeah, me, distracted? NEVER!) by their Cover Tune Grab Bag feature on their blog. I watched the latest one "Crazy" and laughed. Then I watched the next one and laughed harder. And well, by the 5th or 6th video, I was laughing and crying and doubling over at how ridiculous these guys are. In a good way. David had to leave the room 'cause he couldn't even take it (or actually work or something, psshhh). Mercy Me knows what they're doing. They know how to blog, how to keep their listeners coming back to their website, how to stay connect with their fans, how to have FUN (plus their "real" songs aren't so bad either). Make sure you check out Bart's dancing in the "Jesus Is Just Alright" video! These are the guys who brought you the gut-wrenching, makes-me-cry-every-time-I-hear-it "I Can Only Imagine"...and then here they are in all their glory... Oh dear.

So, if you have some time on your hands and you want a good, hearty laugh, I highly recommend checking out the Mercy Me Cover Tune Grab Bags! stomach still hurts and I'm still wiping my eyes. My favorites were "Take On Me" and "Jesus Is Just Alright" but don't forget "Jump" and "Eye Of The Tiger" and OH MY GOSH "Ice Ice Baby"....ahahahhahah! Oh geez, just go through page after page and watch them ALL, you won't be sorry!!!

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Giving away Underoath Tickets is serious business!

I can't believe how many crazy calls I got all morning long leading up to the giveaway of the Underoath tickets. I wish I had recorded some of you people! Haha. Certainly entertained me at least! But never fear, even though two pairs have already been given away do still have two chances to win left!

Keep listening! Drue will be giving away a pair around 5:15pm, then Adrian will give some away during the All Request Show around 8:15pm.

Keep up with what we're giving away and when here.

Oh, and Battleship started today on the Morning Show! A boat has already been sunk! Again, never fear...there are still 14 boats on the board! Play along!

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Glorious Unseen

The Glorious Unseen dropped by the studio this afternoon to chat with Drue. They are performing tonight in Dallas with a long list of other bands. You can find out more about the show at our Bulletin Board.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Matt Thiessen and The Thiessens

I don't know about you, but I find this hilarious...

On Halloween, House of Heroes - yes, all of the guys in HOH - dressed up as Matt Thiessen ("dreamy lead singer of Relient K") and performed on stage in Cleveland, OH as Matt Thiessen and The Thiessens...towards the end of the video the REAL Matt Thiessen even shows up!

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Couple of updates...

Thanks to everyone who called, went online or mailed back their are helping to keep Power FM on the air! If you missed our On-Air Fall Share-A-Thon, it's not too late to help us out. Join The Power Corps, or give a gift of any size online at We still need everyone to do their part to keep us going!

Our new Winter Series Thermal shirts are in. Check 'em out, they're pretty rad!

New stream for iPhone users. If you have been wanting to listen to Power FM on your iPhone, iTouch or...iWhatever, now you can! When you click on the Listen Live link on our home page, you'll be taken to a page where you can choose which audio stream you'd like to listen to!

Battleship will be returning on the Morning Show on Monday, November 17th and in the next couple of weeks we have some other great giveaway so stay tuned for that!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jesus For President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne & Chris Haw

I have just finished up the book by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw entitled Jesus For President. How timely, I know! It was definitely interesting, just as the previous book I read by Shane Claiborne (The Irresistable Revolution). I don't agree with him a lot of the time, but I do admire his passion to live out his beliefs. I find his writing eye-opening and definitely inspiring.

The book covers a lot of ground. Giving a quick history lesson run through of the way things worked "before there were kings and presidents" and then touching on the way emperors, kings and presidents evolved over time. It's main focus, through the first half of the book, seemed to be comparing the U.S. to the Roman Empire. It definitely brought up some points that I hadn't thought of before, like...

"The danger is that we can begin to read the Bible through the eyes of America rather than read America through the eyes of the Bible. We just want Jesus to be a good American."

The last part of the book consists of points that Shane and Chris make urging the reader to rethink the world, especially as an American living in America. Overall there are definitely some suggestions in there that I think some of us could learn from, in being better neighbors to not just our fellow Americans but to others around the world.

This book's antiwar themes are very prominent, as Shane is not one to dance around what he has to say. I'd like to share a few, brief, though-provoking passages/quotes...

"Jesus knew that his followers would face threats to their lives. But nowhere did Jesus teach that his followers should turn into wolves when they run into other scary wolves. He himself was killed like a sheep by wolves. By freely accepting crucifixion, he demonstrated what a sheep among wolves looks like. Refusing to become like the wolves to defeat the wolves. Jesus revealed that God, being love, chooses a different path - to suffer evil to overcome it."

"Christians must discern between the voices competing for their allegiance. Is history's voice the same as Jesus'? Does it call us to do the same things Jesus did?"

All in all, it made for an interesting read. Definitely worth checking out, though now that it's Election Day I hardly think anyone wants to hear the phrase "president" any more than absolutely necessary. But, this book is worth picking up, if for nothing else than the amazing artistry of the book. The entire thing is filled with colored paper, beautiful illustrations, cartoons and keeps you wanting to turn the page to see what's next (though I did find the parts that were intentionally misspelled/crossed out to be somewhat of a burden). I admire Shane, as I said before, for his passion and the way he lives out his beliefs and helps serve his fellow man...and he also has a beautiful way with words and makes it easy to read even the history that is this book.

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)