Monday, September 28, 2009

Barlow Girl & Superchick Concert

This past Wednesday the Powermobile headed out to Decatur, TX to catch the Barlow Girls and Superchic(k) in action. After a long drive, an unplanned detour to what I can only describe as the future home of the next Jurassic Park, we made it to Decatur’s First Baptist church. After unloading the powermobile and setting up our merch table, we were ready to rock!

The show was kicked off by a wonderful MC (AKA MYSELF), and introducing two very inspirational bands was such an honor. Superchic(k) then stormed the stage and transformed the teens of Decatur into a group of wild rockers. Superchic(k) put on an energetic and very fashionable show. Superchic(k) showcased some of their hits including Hey Hey, Stand in the Rain and their newest single Cross The Line; however, they did not sing their Barlow Girl song.

After a very special appearance by a graduate of the Mercy Ministries recovery program, it was Barlow Girls turn to take the stage, and rock the faces of Decatur, TX. The band has spent their career challenging young girls to stand for purity, and not be silent about their faith, and we totally thing they ROCK. They started their set with “Come Alive” which is exactly what the crowd did. These three sisters spent the next 45 minutes glorifying the Lord through song and empowering the youth of the church to be loud and proud of their Faith. Oh and if you get the chance to try the new Barlow Girl coffee do, it tastes great and all the proceeds benefit Mercy Ministries.

All in all it was an amazing evening spent in fellowship with other Christians with a pension for rock.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And there was a great flood...

On Friday night, something dreadful and unexpected happened here in the Power FM building. We're not exactly sure how it happened, but the building flooded because of a sewer line issue... there was standing water everywhere (thought thankfully it didn't reach the studio equipment and most of KVTT's area is fine too). Poor Stan, David and Eddie were up here at midnight on Saturday morning, cleaning and drying out the place as best they could. Now it's Tuesday, and the giant industrial-sized blowers and dehumidifiers are STILL blasting through the building. And let me tell you, they are loud! This is the THIRD time this building has been flooded. The first time was the great storm right before the station was to launch in 1999. Then there was another plumbing issue, and now this one. Yikes!

Here is a little walk-through tour with Chris of the disaster area (remember, this was taken on Tuesday, the flood happened Friday night!)...

P.S. Ignore the "Bigfoot" sighting at the end... we're pretending that didn't happen. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bianca gets baptized!

Last night my best friend, Donielle, and I were baptized. It was the most unbelievably emotion thing I have ever been through, and I have so little words to express how blessed I really am. When some friends of ours started a bible study last year, I had no idea how we would all soon morph into this oversized family. When this bible study started I had been saved for over three years, but I had still yet to be baptized, I did not even have a home church. However, when the talks of a group baptism started, I knew this is what I had been waiting for. We waited months and months to lay out the perfect date and time because of so many different schedules, but finally last Sunday we learned that the date was set, and my nerves finally set in.

This past week has seemed like the longest week for me. It is now that I can sit back and realize that it was my mind and soul preparing myself for this baptism. When Sunday morning came around I had a sudden urge to clean. I cleaned my room, my house and even busted out an apricot scrub. HA-HA. I was so nervous; I was doing so much to pass the time.

At the church it was almost surreal. I was filled with butterflies. I was so afraid. My sister took me to the side and she prayed for me. Then her, Donielle and I went to a private room and had a group prayer. I prayed for everyone who was getting baptized to let their old self go and embrace their new self. I told God I was giving myself to him and then I managed to let out a very soft I love you because I was overwhelmed with my own tears.

The baptism began with our pastor Eric Patrick talking about our group. Then I was so blessed to have my favorite singer Lacey from Flyleaf with her husband lead us in praise and worship. It was very special for me to have the singer who’s music introduced me to the love of God sing at my baptism. Lacey is so anointed in the spirit of God, and the music really hit me spiritually as well.

Finally I along with my best friend Donielle, our friend Rachel, Becky, Dustin and Eric M. walked up to the tub with our pastor. One by one we were emerged in water as Lacey and Joshua sang my absolute favorite worship song “How He Loves Us”. I watched everyone get dunked, and it was so special to see these people I love get baptized.

After the baptism we ate and had fellowship together. It was amazing, and the time went by so fast that we were all lingering the parking lot not wanting to go home.

I spent so many years not wanting to understand the actual point of a physical baptism. But, today I get it. I feel like a new person. I feel amazing!

More pictures from the baptism, can be found here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless = Fear Less


A review of Fearless, written by Max Lucado.

Max Lucado’s new book covers a subject that everyone deals with on a daily basis: Fear. We are all afraid of something… spiders, snakes, heights… but also rejection, taking risks, failure, letting down our guard, losing someone we love, the unknown. Lucado does it again with his new book entitled Fearless from Thomas Nelson. He, as usual, knows how to put things in perspective, in plain English... knows how to help us find what’s been staring us in the face all along. As a Christian, what do we have to fear?

It’s almost trite to say it anymore, but if God is in control, why do we worry at all? We can’t help ourselves, it’s a built-in reaction. The people in the Bible worried. The disciples in that little boat on the raging, stormy sea… they were scared to death even with Jesus right there with them. If they can be afraid with Jesus within 5 feet of them, of course we can be afraid when we don’t feel Jesus is close. But, God is ALWAYS close. And He is never shaken, never surprised, never worried.And in that, we should take comfort.

Lucado covers may areas of fear: not mattering, violence, death, not knowing, doubt and more. These are the very things that we, as humans, struggle with every single day. Lucado acknowledges these fears, but also that it’s unreasonable to live in complete fear when God has given us hope and a promise. Faith is what we should live by… not fear.

I always enjoy reading what Max Lucado has to say, and this book does not change that opinion in the slightest. In this book, he encourages me to take steps to get over my fears and live the life God has in store for me!

This book released today, you can find it here.

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)