Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I like to goof around and have fun on the show. This is a short little video of some behind the scenes stuff at the station. I will try and do something new once a week so check back on the blog often for a new updated video from the show. Big props to Daniel for editing this and putting it together!

Also don't forget we have a webcam that you can come chill in during the show. www.stickam.com/yoitsadrian You can request songs, meet listeners, and hang out. Occasionaly we have band members in and you can chat with them as well. I also have a twitter you can follow me and vice versa and we can communicate on that as well! www.twitter.com/yoitsadrian I look forward to chatting more with you in the chatroom, twitter, and on the phone during the all request show!

Thanks for listening!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beyond Belief: Finding The Strength To Come Back by Josh Hamilton


I'm not much of a sports person... I don't make it a point to follow any of them regularly. But if I had to choose one, it'd be baseball. There was a time when I was pretty into it, I guess... I followed the Rangers closely for a season or two, became well acquainted with the players and all that. Then I moved on. I still going to a Rangers game every once in a while, and if there's nothing else on... I'll watch 'em on TV. The last few years we've been to a few games and I really didn't know any of the guys on the team... but there was one name that kept coming up: Josh Hamilton. What's up with this guy? What's his story? I knew it had to do with drug addiction, then making a comeback... and oh, what?... he's a very outspoken Christian too? Awesome!

I went and picked this book up the day AFTER Josh happened to have been in the store for a book signing (dang!). It was a present for my husband, but I knew I'd get around to reading it before he did. I was right. I'm not gonna lie... I kind of glossed over all the baseball stats and talk, but the root of the story... of Josh's testimony... was interesting. The gist of it - Josh grew up knowing he'd be in the big leagues, he was so talented that EVERYONE knew it, even at age seven. He moved up quickly through the ranks (even playing in leagues with guys WAY older than him to even out the talent) and found himself a first pick in the first round draft - a player's dream come true. As fast as Josh made his way up, he made his way down... after several injuries and having to sit out game after game, he began spending too much time with the wrong people, leading to drugs, alcohol and years of addiction.

Josh Hamilton should be dead. The stuff he put his body through, the situations he found himself in... the only reason he's alive is because, as his Mama said, "God must love baseball players." After dropping out of all the expensive, high society rehabs in the country, what saved Josh was... God. There's no other explanation possible. The details of his comeback are in the book, so you'll have to read it yourself... but it is rather miraculous that this man who should be dead was so quickly able (once he finally turned it over to God) to turn his life around so drastically, build his body back up and join a major league baseball team - and be an MVP. I mean, do you remember the Home Run Derby of 2008? Yeah, Josh has definitely been blessed with talent and skill and it's so great that he's using those for the Lord now.

This is a good read, don't let the baseball talk (if that's not your thing) drag you down... because Josh's testimony is amazing, and definitely inspiring.

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wedding loves trivia...

The fellas from The Wedding stopped by yesterday around 2pm and hung out with me. We love having those guys come by, 'cause they're so much fun. We discussed what they had been up to and what they had coming up (they're working on writing some new stuff!) and the fact that they're going to be on a tour soon called The Skiing Is Believing Tour, but no skiing is actually involved... or is it? There were parts of the interview that were sheer chaos... but that's to be expected. It was definitely entertaining.

The band wanted to give away a pair of tickets to their show, and decided to make somebody work for it. They wanted to do a trivia question... since it was President's Day and had recently been Adam's birthday, they settled on "Who was President when Adam was born?"... only, they weren't sure of the answer themselves:

Thanks to The Wedding for stopping by to visit us!
Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Power FM in the news...

Last weekend Wes went out to Princeton High School for the Rockin' Winter Bash with WWC! and others. The Princeton Herald was also out there, and they published an article about the show. Here is part of that article...

Youth rock out at Christian concert
By Jennifer Fike, Staff Writer

Friday night Fellowship Worship Center teamed up wtih the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and PowerFM to present a rock concert at Princeton High School. The concert began at 7 p.m. and blasted through 11 p.m., offering students the chance to hear five bands and to spend time with their friends while learning about Christ.

The idea for the first-ever Rockin’ Winter Bash was Josh Brown’s. As a youth worker at Fellowship he wanted to do something that was going to be different and that would attract a lot of the young people in Princeton.

“We want to reach the community in untraditional ways,” Brown said, “this wasn’t about the bands as much as being an outlet for everyone to come together.”

As a guitarist for two of the bands that performed, the Jesus Lovin’ Hobos and WWC (Whatever We’re Called), Brown used his musical ties and enlisted the help of PowerFM and the Princeton High School and Clark Junior High’s FCAs to make the idea both a reality and a success.

More than three hundred people attended the concert that featured Christian rap and rock music, as well as a dance team.

“The concert was good for a small place like Princeton, I was impressed by the number of people that came out to the show,” Wes Rogers said, who works for Power FM’s promotion team. He said, “It seemed like everyone was pretty excited to see the bands that performed. The crowd was great, seemed like they all were big Christian Rock fans.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Thanks to the Princeton Herald for giving Power FM a shout out!