Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is in a word?

Here is an interesting article written by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. The article definately has some interesting information on the power contained in words. Very cool!


What is in a word?

Communication is a pregnancy of sorts. In a speaker’s mind, a thought is conceived, then spoken, heard, and then ultimately gives birth to new thought in the listener’s mental landscape. For example, when I say “tree,” a picture builds in your imagination, a new life-form within your mind; a platonic idea of oak or maple appears out of nothing within your thoughts. This mental icon represents your understanding of the word. (Incidentally, this apprehension is independent of the speaker’s intentions).

In many ways, words are metaphors pointing to the objects they represent. The word “tree” is not a tree; it is simply a placeholder for the real thing. Our understanding of the world is built upon a deeper set of presuppositions. Meaning demands meaning. Reason demands reason: 1+1=2, only when we agree upon the meaning of these symbols. The same is true for words. Words are our framework of meaning. Every one is a metaphor reaching to something beyond it’s simple spelling and articulation.

Read the rest of the article here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

To Save A Life - reviews, interviews & premieres!

We have been really involved in this new film called To Save A Life, which was created by the same people who did Facing The Giants and Fireproof. This one is definitely geared towards teens, and is a great film, really well done! We are excited to be a part of getting the word out about it. We were able to have our own Power FM premiere this past Wednesday in Grapevine, where we offered youth groups and Power Corps members a chance to come watch the movie with us. See a video that Adrian put together from that event here.

We also are going to be out in the Powermobile tonite at a public premiere of the movie at the Premiere Cinemas in Burleson (put on by the Church at Burleson).

The actors came by the studio this morning and Chris and Dawn had a chance to chat with them. And our buddy, Matt Mungle, did a Friday morning movie review on it as well. This may all sound like going overboard on one film... but it really is that good! Definitely try to check it out if you can!

Here are some photos from the interview this morning:

You can hear the morning interview with the cast here.

You can hear the Mungle Review here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Benefit Show & Drue's Going Away Party

On Saturday, we had a Power FM Benefit Concert and Drue's Going Away party at The Center in Irving. It was a blast, the crowd was fun and the bands were awesome! Thanks to Theater of the Mind (Michael Fugitt and DJ Drue Mitchell), Burning Yesterday, Luke Huch and Manic Drive for rockin' us!

Here are some pix and video from the event...

Preston sings a new hit song (too much American Idol for him!):

An awesome listener brought Drue this awesome cake:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whirly Ball with RED

Even though we lost big time here is a video recapping the Whirly Ball experience with RED!

Next time guys we will win! That is for sure!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sweet By and By

The Sweet By and By, written by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck

I am not normally much of a novel reader. I tend to stick with non-fiction, “Christian Living” or biography type books, but the fact that the lead character has the same name as me...and it was written by a musical artist, definitely caught my interest.

Sara Evans is known in the music world as a singer/song writer and multi-platinum recording artist, but she is now attempting to take on another form of art... as an author of a novel... actually several. The Sweet By And By is the first in a series and introduces the lead character, Jade, as she is preparing for what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Jade has seemingly succeeded to keep her dirty and painful past in the past, even from her fiance, up until just a matter of days before the couple unites in matrimony. Suddenly a flurry of memories, lies, pains and troubles are brought to the surface and despite Jade's best efforts, they must be dealt with including having her free-spirited, hippie mother around with her own secret to reveal. The story is tragically heart-breaking, but as Jade discovers herself and her faith... quickly turns to a sweet story of surrender and forgiveness.

As an author, Sara vividly describes the scenes, the emotions and the senses. You are taken through a wild ride of emotional highs and lows in this book, so be ready for it.

Linked below is a video from Sara Evans talking about this book and the ones to come:

I review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drue's Top 10 of 2009

Here is my list of top picks for 2009. This is NOT definitive so these are just the records I like, I tried to listen to as much of the new releases as possible to have an objective list. I want to showcase the ones that really popped and stuck out to me marking the 'times' or just being great albums all the way through.
10. Showbread The Fear of God / it was really interesting to interview these guys live on PowerFM. They were actually LESS weird then I thought they would be, lol. This new album from them is awesome, reminds me of an era of punk and rock when it was really dangerous. I like how they use crazy themes in the record and the last song is a great worship song.

9. Move Merchants Move Merchants / this is a hip-hop record from ManChild of Mars Ill fame and my good friend from Keller, tx. DJ Sean P. I was totally shocked when Sean told me he was doing a record with ManChild, and he truly delivered on this project. Its a hip-hop record, through and through, I think they keep it fresh, yep, #freshlikeseanp.

8. Emery In Shallow Seas We Sail / Emery's last full length cd was ummmh, can I say it? Not good. BUT, when that EP came out that preceded this album, I was like, wait a minute, I think somebody is back in business. This record was one of the first albums I could listen to over and over again and I am so glad they are being more clear and more bold in their lyrics. The song Butcher's Mouth is one of the greatest song they have ever written, love it!

7. Hillsong United Across The Earth / I goto Fellowship Church and we sing a bunch of these songs every week. Theses guys are taking it to a new level with everything they have done. I like how listening to the cd makes the songs more real and personal when we sing them in church on the weekends.

6. Sareem Poems Black and Read All Over / this guy is a card carrying member of the L.A. Symphony crew. He changed his name and got real serious about his hip-hop. I think he has come into a great sound as an artist and come light years since his last solo release. You want real hip/hop, skip the lecrae, get this.

5. Owl City Ocean Eyes / This came out of nowhere. All the music blogs I read say this guy is a biter of the postal service or secret handshake, but I think that twist he has on the this style is really fun. He is a bold Christian artist and if you look on his myspace you can totally tell. There was an awesome buzz about this album and I know for years I will look back on and remember as one of the ones to mark these times we are in now.

4. Flyleaf Momento Mori / Ok, do I really need to explain this? We did have to wait a little bit for this record, but the band totally delivered. Seeing them in Las Vegas w/ 20K people was an amazing experience. This new record is so good, I'm proud of this Texas band.

3. Rootbeer Pink Limousine / This is a project from Pigeon John & Flynn Adam of L.A. Symphony that sounds NOTHING anything either of them have ever done. Its in a class by itself and the quality and creativity in this is above the par so don't sleep on it. Watch them in 2010, I promise, big things.

2. Thrice Beggers / this band has really become one of the flagship bands of the decade. I think this album just speaks volumes about how far they have come in their catalog. I like the textures and lyrics the most, one listen is not going to get it, you have to sit down with this one.

1. U2 No Line On The Horizon / as a professional broadcaster for over 10 years now, NEVER have I seen anything like what happened surrounding this record and the single PowerFM played. I had to step back from my job and really let God work on me to forgive the mis-lead people that had believed the lies about this wonderful band that has put out their most 'Christian' album, ever. This is their best record start to finish the band has done since Achtung Baby.

Monday, January 4, 2010

End of the Year Wrap-Up

Power FM had a big year... we celebrated our 10th Anniversary of being on the air back in August. We had a great party, have had several other fabulous events and fun guests in through out the year. On a more personal level, several members of our staff had big years as well!

Three of our employees became engaged (uh... not to each other, of course)! Adrian asked Kayla to marry him and they plan to be wed in October of 2010 (plus he just graduated from UNT this semester!). Email asked his girlfriend, Alison, to be his bride. And Little Herbie popped the question and got a 'yes' from Skyler! Congratulations to our guys for landing the girls of their dreams!!! On a similar note, Drue and Eimi celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in October!

Several of our promotions staff members went through job changes in 2009, and thankfully stayed on with us in the meantime. Bianca quit her full-time job to pay more attention to school and pursue some other passions including writing and photography! Leslie left a stressful position at a corporate office for a more ministry-minded organization. Wes was able to leave a job he did not enjoy so much for a job he is really loving! And he is helping to take care of his 5-year-old nephew on a full-time basis.

Rachel is excited that she's spent three full years working at Power FM and TBN/JCTV. She says, "Both jobs have provided me with incredible opportunities to meet and interview very talented people. The highlight of my year was interviewing the Newsboys at Celebrate Freedom because not only was it the freaking Newsboys, but the lead singer is now officially Tait of DC Talk fame, and seeing two greats 5 feet in front of me answering any question I asked was pretty stinkin' cool. Seeing MuteMath, Switchfoot, and Ferry Corsten all in concert again this year rounded it out, and I cannot wait for what 2010 has to offer! Maybe an engagement of my very own? !!! LOL."

Powertalk host, Rick Walker, is half way through law school!

We've done some rearranging at the front desk of our office this year. Tiffany and Flossie have moved on, and Elizabeth has moved in to answer your phone calls in the afternoons. She recently graduated from Baylor... go Bears!

And as for me (Jade), the latter half of 2009 was spent getting over morning (all-day!) sickness and watching my waistline expand. My second son is due to be born March 4th, 2010... so I definitely have that to look forward to this New Year!

We pray you all had a blessed Christmas and will have an extremely amazing New Year. Happy 2010!!!

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)