Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catchin' Up With Drue

So, I just finished the, 'Adventures of Mana & Mitchell' tour of East Texas/Louisiana. It was a killer run of shows dj'ing for my main emcee Mr. Manafest. I tried to Twitter the tour follow me at: twitter.com/djdruemitchell. We saw TONS of kids come to know Christ each night and made some killer new friends. We didn't get to see any alligators, but I heard they like to eat Canadians(*Mana is from Toronto), but we did get in some skating, saw Transformers II and I found a interesting little record store called 'Twin City Records' in Monroe, LA. This tour Mana was writing a bunch for his NEW cd's (*that is right, plural meaning more than one), which will be out Spring 2010. Keep up with him on his facebook/myspace/website, www.manafest.net and make sure you sign up for his email list, the other day he gave away a free exclusive song, just to the subscribers.

Spin180, not just a syndicated radioshow, not just a weekly live music night, not just a myspace to hear the latest interviews. But coming super duper soon, a podcast as well! We are also going to be selling physical cd's @ the Spin Lounge on Tuesdays. SO if you are missing the show on Sunday night, you can now come to the Spin Lounge on a Tuesday night and purchase the latest show!!! The Spin Lounge is every Tuesday night in Irving, Tx. @ 2901 W. Irving Blvd. Irving, Tx. 75062. Want to have the Spin Lounge come and feature some bands in your area on the broadcast, contact me (*drue@kvrk.com) and we can work it out.

The 2009 Warped Tour is coming to my town this week. I am bummed that I had to miss Cornerstone this year, but it was for a good cause (*touring w/ a Tooth & Nail recording artist). Some reason the Warped Tour is always in town when I am at Cornerstone, I have to say I am super stoked and looking forward to seeing: Underoath, Thrice, The Devil Wears Prada and Ivoryline. I wish there were MORE Christian acts on the freakin' Warped Tour. Back in March I broke down and subscribed to AP Magazine, and I have been reading and following the wind up to Warp. I'm always shocked each month of the amount of coverage and advertisements from Christian bands in that secular magazine. Well, I have a boat load of PowerFM & Manafest stickers I am gonna be passing out while I am at the Warped Tour, want one come find me.
Plus I hope to snag some interviews while I am there. Help represent Christian music in the secular realms, get involved, email feedback, flyer for the shows, & support local music retailers!

Keep it LOUD for the LORD in all that you DO!

mad respects,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Cat Care.Org

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go hang with a friend at Big Cat Care in Bridgeport Texas.

This is a non profit facility that houses Tigers, Lions, and any other cat that is considered endangered or exotic. I was blown away by how amazing this facility is! Not only did these cats receive top notch care but this facility is literally in our backyard. What a cool volunteer opportunity for someone who had a passion and heart to help endangered animals. The facility gives tours on the weekend and you can find more information at www.bigcatcare.org

I took the pictures below of all the animals from the facility. They had about 24 different types of cats at the facility. If you have time take a Saturday afternoon set up a tour and go check and see the positive things these people are doing!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Collin Classic Ride '09

Saturday June 13 a few of us in the Power FM cycling group participated in the Collin Classic bicycle ride in McKinney and even fewer of us volunteered at break point #6, the Power FM rest stop. We were able to have the Power-mobile parked at our break point with speakers blaring the wonderful sounds of the station. It was a great way to advertise the station to a segment of people who want some music with a lot of energy. So a big thanks to Wes from our promotions department and the five individuals who sacrificed sleeping in on a Saturday morning to work the station rest stop and serve the riders. Those of us riding experienced more inquiries and shout outs because of our jerseys than ever. It makes sense, after all statistics show that our listenership has grown to over a hundred thousand. So thanks to efforts like the billboards, bumper stickers, power gear, and you verbally spreading the word of the station all equal to more listeners and more hearts touched for the Kingdom.

Keep rockin and more power to ya!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Seeing RED Contest

We held a Seeing RED contest where we asked people to send in a picture of themselves incorporating the color red. We got some really great entries, but the winner was Heather from Frisco. You can see her entry and many more here. She won lunch with the band and tickets to their show this evening!

The guys from RED came by the studio before the lunch and hung out with me for a few minutes. We got to chat with them on the air and catch up a little. Then they headed out to Dave & Busters to eat and play games with Heather and Power Corps Members, Mike and Beth.

Sounds like they all had a really great time this afternoon! RED and Since October will be performing tonite at The Prophet Bar in Dallas.

Keep rockin' for Christ!
Jade =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gathering Stones Harvest Crusade

The Powermobile was out at the Gathering Stones Harvest Crusade in Dallas last Friday evening. Bianca and Donielle shot some really great photos of the event. Those two girls make up a photography team called Shady Little Road... and they're really good! Check out the photos: