Monday, June 7, 2010

Very Talented Battle of the Bands in Plano

I loved the battle of the bands I went to Friday night at First Christian Church in Plano! The artists and bands I saw were Jason Deutsch, Kaitlyn Sparks, Ty Mayfield (winner of the night!), Tune In Tomorrow, and Criminal Shift.

We arrived as Jason was playing and enjoyed the covers of songs he was performing. Loved his voice. Then Kaitlyn Sparks took to the stage and did some awesome covers of Phil Wickham and Bethany Dillon.
Ty Mayfield was up next, and he had all the girls swooning over his piano and singing skills! Many might compare him to Gavin DeGraw, of whom he did one cover, but all the rest of his songs were completely original and very well played. He ended up winning, and the youth pastor Chris Layton said Ty probably won because he was so cute. That's why I voted for him. haha j/k

I had been chatting with the Tune In Tomorrow guys before they went on stage. The drummer looks like Edward Norton and TOTALLY broke the first rule of fight club while we were talking about his other celebrity look-alikes. haha They were also very good on stage with only Mr. Norton and the lead singer/guitar player. They sounded very full with the loops they added live; with only two guys on stage, I didn't feel like anything was missing. I got a copy of their CD, and it's been playing in my car over and over! I'm loving it!

Last up was the recent graduates in Criminal Shift. These guys were so much fun to watch! Not that they were going crazy on stage, but you could just tell they loved what they did and were very well rehearsed in it. I highly recommend seeing these guys live. Hopefully they don't all go their separate ways after graduation and will continue to play some live shows in the area. They rocked.

So there is my recap of the best battle of the bands I've experienced. There is some incredible independent and local music out there and you can rest assured we will play the best of it on Indie-Ground every Sunday at 8pm!!

See ya around!


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Hi, I'm fourteen, and I live near Denton. I just really wanted to say,
I love the station and music! It's the most memorable thing I'm ever going to remember when I think about Wednesday night Youth Group. We listen to it all the forty-mile drive home on the All-Request show. I didn't use to like rock, but most of my favorite songs now are the ones I first hear on Power FM. Thanks so much for having few commercials and the wonderful Wisdom Words are like mini-sermons to get me thinking about God and my attitude!
I doubt anyone will ever see this, but again,

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